Pizza with Love can also provide soft drinks and Alcohol all at great prices! We do a great deal on Prosecco and bottled beer working out at just £3.00 per head! Prosecco served with fresh raspberries

​Charged at £8.95 per head - 10" pizza served with a rocket garnish....

A choice of 4 pizza's (decided in advance) 

  1. ​Farmhouse (Honey roasted Ham & Mushrooms)
  2. Margherita served with fresh basil or olives 
  3. Veggie Supreme (mushrooms, red onion & sweet peppers)
  4. Meaty madness (Pepperoni, Ham, chicken and jalapenos are optional!
  5. Hawaiian (honey roasted ham & fresh pineapple)
  6. BBQ Chicken and red onion


Charged at £10.95 per head - 10" pizza served with a rocket garnish and homemade coleslaw...

A choice of 5 pizza's (decided in advance)


  1. The Good life (Chicken, Prosciutto with onion and smoky sauce)
  2. Peri, Peri chicken and peppers
  3. Veggie #2 (Pesto, peppers, cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn and jalapenos)
  4. Mama's Special Pepperoni, chicken, red onion & jalapenos 
  5. Veggie #3 (Feta and a medley of roasted vegetables

Menu options....

Please remember that these are just guildline choices and we will do all we can to suit your needs and budgets, so just ask.....

Pizza with Love

 If reading these have made your tummy rumble then just wait until you smell them cooking!! And remember that these are just a few of our flavours. We really do try and accommodate everyone's taste buds. So call now for an informal chat....


EXTRA'S- We also offer some great garlic bread add on's appetisers and starters too........YUMMMY!!!!

MENU 1 ...

Below are the 2 main menu's that we offer. The First menu offers a choice of up to 4 pizza's and the second menu offers a choice of up to 5 pizza's. Both packages include oils, sauces, boxes, napkins, cutlery, a personalised menu board, fairy lights, bunting, 2 pizza chefs and of course our very quirky Airstream. We have a minimum booking of 50 people and the prices include up to 15 miles travel from Poole but we will go almost anywhere...

we also offer appetisers amd starters starting from as little as £3.45 pp

MENU 2...